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The community driven comparison of modern open source configuration management languages, patterns and solutions

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The goal of this project is to allow everyone to explore and find open source solution for the configuration management that meets various requirements. Open source community does not have a clear solution yet and mistakes are overlooked. We want to fix it by providing overview of what we have now and what might be missing.

Cloud Native

We are aiming for the configuration languages and patterns that helps to operate a reliable production infrastructure on scale. We explored the mandatory and optional requirements. We want to provide factual comparison on each of solution helps to solve the same problems for a fair comparison. See comparision and showcases for details!

Open Source

We believe in open source and sharing. Everything in this project is free and open. It is mean to be community driven, so your help is wanted! We are all together seeking the best solution for our needs. This also means that the solution we are seeking for has to be open source as well. No hidden sales, or advertisement.


We are group of passionated people, experienced developers and SREs from different companies. We have different opinions, we maintain different cloud native open source projects like Kubernetes, CoreDNS and Thanos. However, we share the same goal. We are doing this free and for a good cause! Want to give feedback, help us or contribute? Reach us!